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Our company collects, delivers and does callouts on request.

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Rotary Gears & General Engineering

We are a family owned and run gear manufacturing and general engineering company. Our company was established in 1985 in Pinetown South Africa – an industrial town north of Durban.

What We Do

We service and manufacture for a number of different industries from power transmissions to sugar mills to paper and packaging companies. We are equipped with both manual and CNC machinery to meet all our customers needs from production to gearbox refurbishment. We have built gearboxes and printing machines to order for customers.

Our company collects, delivers and does callouts on request.

Rotary Gears

This is an example of one of the many types of gears we can manufacture.
We can manufacture from the smallest gears up to 1.5 metre gears. Straight, helical, spur and worm gears

General Engineering

This is a printing machine we built from the ground up, capable of four colour printing. We have also refurbished printing machines.

Security Solutions

In times like these security is important and so we took it upon ourselves to design and manufacture security products like this gate.It is suitable for home and business use.Sturdy and rust proof.

Some of our work

Please view our photos to give a an idea of the array of products we have produced and refurbished.

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